Sean the Cyclist
Sean the Cyclist

Hi, My name is Sean. I have a website regarding all things cycling on the Isle of Wight. I have an expert knowledge from 24 years of racing and riding and a decade working within the trade as a bike mechanic in the 90’s and not stopping since, with regular bike maintenance and helping people out. Now I’m trying to make a go of it as a sideline to my web design work. I worked in the industry for nearly ten years for Offshore Sports as a bike mechanic and sponsored Bike racer. I still race and am starting out as a cycling professional (as opposed to a professional cyclist … missed that boat!)

I have a deep knowledge of cycling as a sport on the Isle of Wight, on and off road. More recently I have been dabbling in Triathlon, Duathlon and running but cycling remains my passion and my biggest strength.

Please look me up if you are on are on the Isle of Wight for your holiday and need some local info.

Sean :0)