Spinzone is Newports’ official Spinning Centre using Startrac Spinner Pro bikes and fully qualified instructors.
The sessions are structured to suit all fitness levels with options throughout the ride helping you get the maximum benefit out of each workout.
The environment is welcoming with no mirrors, low level lighting and a projector screen as a visual aid showing numerous DVDs of road and mountain bike cyclists on island routes.
The owner Steve Mills is proud that his customers, as well as instructors, make new people welcome and it’s not long before you get hooked and rapidly see/feel the benefits.
Spinning is known for being one of the best forms of exercise for burning calories and is low impact, putting no pressure on your knees and joints.
It is fantastic for shaping and toning the body focusing on core muscles as well as the buttocks and thighs.
It rapidly improves your fitness level and is great for stress relief so book now on 07753 378266.